Are you tired of trying to do it all on your own? Creating a workout, staying committed, keeping your motivation level?

The reason most people aren't success with the change they want to make is because they don't create specific goals to then create a plan to reach those goals. 

This program will help keep you accountable and give you the guidance you need. 

Drop your first 5 pounds in 14 days with this Jump Start program! 

This program is created to help you build healthy habits that will get you on track to seeing results. 

With the simple nutrition program included in this jump start you will drop body fat and see results in just 2 weeks, WITHOUT restrictive dieting. 

If you're tired of restrictive dieting and constant crashes this program is for you. 

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Recovery Through Fitness is a program that uses physical movement to assist in overcoming and treating addiction. 


Physical Activity for Everyone

Recovery Through Fitness offers a broad spectrum of activities. Yoga, high intensity interval training, strength and conditioning, and weight training are just to name a few. Recovery Through Fitness offers something for everyone 

Scientifically Proven

There is an overwhelming amount of scientific data that shows the many benefits of physical training to recovery from addiction and alcoholism. The importance of physical activity is commonly overlooked and overshadowed.  


Custom Tailored Programs

We offer customized one-on-one training to meet every clients need. Our personal trainers are trained to build workouts tailored to individuals in the early stages of recovery. 

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The All Day Endurance Podcast

This podcast  is focused on bringing the most relevant content pertaining to endurance sports including running, marathons, triathlons, cycling, swimming, and roller derby. Coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, and medical professionals are all in the lineup. 

The Podcast

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 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

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